1. Not at all what I'd have expected from the original Birth Control keyboard player. But this would seem to be a decade on, early 's and on what is essentially a library label (Novoton seems to be a Sonoton sublabel), which also probably explains why it remained unknown for a long while.
  2. The Whispering Lady is a voice behind a door. Nelkir, the youngest son of Balgruuf the Greater, has been listening to her whispering. After talking to her, the Dragonborn discovers she is in fact a manifestation of the Daedric Prince Mephala. After being told by Nelkir to investigate the door, the Whispering Lady will speak to the Dragonborn about the conversations between her and the child.
  3. Summary. A clergyman named Mr. Brand is sent by the Harlowes to examine Clarissa’s situation. He is extremely pompous and pedantic. Clarissa sends a letter to Lovelace to prevent his visit.
  4. Carmina is a brown-grey mare with an auburn mane and tail. She wears a brown leather collar decorated with feathers and red beads around her neck Carmina is a kind horse who believes in honesty, and always being truthful with your friends.
  5. Quinceañera, Sweet 16 & Symphony Belle dresses in Waco, TX. Come find your DREAM dress with a LARGE variety in stock! SPRING NOW LIVE!!
  6. Pakenham, Alphonsus L., "Carmina Burana: An Annotated English Translation of No. CCII of Codex Lat. of the Staatsbibliothek of Munich: Ludus Scenicus De Nativitate Domini" (). Master's Theses.
  7. Clarissa is a Spartan girl and twin sister to her brother, Deimos. Growing up in Sparta, she met and befriended Perseus, whom all three shared the dream of rising and fighting alongside the Spartan Army. Though her brother was taken by Ares and Athena, both grew to become strong to one day save Deimos. However, along the way in their future, the Destiny of the Gods would come to have her play.
  8. Clarissima Shop website koristi tzv. kolačiće kako bi osigurali bolje korisničko iskustvo i funkcionalnost. Koristeći naše stranice slažete se s korištenjem kolačića.

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