1. Subject: Lyr. and Origin: Long John/Lost John From: Richie Date: 13 Dec 02 - PM I've been looking for info and lyrics to the "Lost John" family of songs. This family of songs has several branches, including the old-timey hillbilly song, a blues harmonica solo version by De Ford Bailey (Victor, 's), a vaudeville song "Lost John Dean from Bowling Green", and a work song "Wake Up, Dead.
  2. Lost John standing by the railroad track Waiting for the freight train to come back Freight train come and it didn't stop Lost John thought he'd have to ride on top Long, long lost John Long, long lost John Lost John came to The country from the South Sat there as quiet As quiet as a mouse Lost John said, be my friend Be my friend until the end Long, long lost John Long, long John Woman say.
  3. You cheated me and made me lonely I tried to be your very own There'll be a day you'll want me only But when I leave, I'll be a long time gone Be a long time gone, be a long time gone Yes, when I leave, I'll be a long time gone You're gonna be .
  4. But it’s sure looking like she won’t I left her lonely too long, lonely too long And I should’ve saw it coming from a mile away But I was just in time to watch her taillights fade I’d give anything if she’d turn that car around and just come back home But it’s sure looking like she won’t I left her lonely too long, lonely too long.
  5. Johnny Long (September 12, (disputed) – October 31, ) was an American violinist and bandleader, known as "The Man Who's Long on Music". He was raised on a farm in Newell, North Carolina, currently a subdivision of Charlotte. He started practicing with the violin at the age of six, but injured two fingers on his left hand when he was.
  6. That girl is long gone Boy you missed the boat it just sailed away Long gone She's not drowning in her yesterdays Betcha never thought I'd be that strong Well this girl is long gone Don't waste your breath with baby baby please Cuz I am so not listening Don't bother getting down upon your knees and try to beg me I'm tired of how you twist the truth.
  7. She looking to start a fire Something about the way she's dancing And drinking chilled Patron If she's lonely now, she won't be lonely long Heaven help the fool who did her wrong It's too late, too bad, she's too far gone He should have thought of that Before he left her all alone If she's lonely now, she won't be lonely long.
  8. Yeah, she might be lonely, but she won't be lonely too long She's had too many sleepless nights With no one there to hold her tight She's gettin' tired of lyin' there alone Yeah, she's gonna cry a few more tears But they're about to disappear She's right there on the edge of movin' on Yeah, she might be lonely She might be lonely Oh, she might.

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