1. When you opened your eyes again you were in your apartment that you'd left behind. "Huh?" You mumbled running a hand over the couch in mint condition. "Where are we?" Dipper asked peeking about. "who know" Mabel shrugged falling back on the couch. "this is my apartment" They both looked at you with blank expressions. "Why are we here?" "To open memor.
  2. Can you remember (can you remember) When we were babies (babies) We were always together And our love had no end (had no end) The sunny skies are blue So girl, you know that I love you And I'll always promise you That this is what I'll do So girl, I love you, I love you Don't you know I love you (I sure do, like for you) Like for you (to.
  3. We have embarked "On A Mission of Love" through our Love Outreach Project: Remember You Are Loved™/Eres Amado™/Você É Amado™, a New Evangelization Outreach Project of Prepare The Way Enterprises™. Spreading love is contagious! We are showing people how to - Love more and love better. - Love like you mean it. - Love someone new each.
  4. Remember Me Lyrics: Remember me / Because I can't forget you / Does my image cross your mind often? / Remember me / Because you're inside my dreams / And when we kiss then I always remember .
  5. Remembered with Love. The Christmas Wall of Remembrance is a place of love, it allows you to put a message up in honour of the child you have lost, or in remembrance of a baby a .
  6. So this poem is for my special friends, the ones who can feel like I feel sometimes a poem to remind them that I love them and that this world can be a bit brighter than it seems sometimes. I hope you all like this, it was very hard to write and a lot of thought went into it. Remember that I love you. Believe me now, I know it true.
  7. Become A Better Singer In Only 30 Days, With Easy Video Lessons! Can you remember? (Can you remember?) When we were babies? (Babies, who) We were always together When we were in kindergarten (kindergarten) Now that you're grown, So girl you left me all alone. And you know I'll never find, No one to call my own. So girl I love you, don't you I love you (Don't you know I love you) My .

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