1. Ultrasonic Electric Dental Calculus Remover with LED, Liaboe High-Frequency Vibration Tartar Remover Upgraded, Scale Removal Teeth Cleaning Tool, 3 Modes 2 Scraper Parts Portable Rechargeable. out of 5 stars $ $ 11 ($/Count) .
  2. Ultrasound is a related term of ultrasonic. As a noun ultrasound is (physics) sound with a frequency greater than the upper limit of human hearing; approximately 20 kilohertz. As a adjective ultrasonic is (acoustics) beyond (higher in frequency than) the range of sound perceptible to the human ear; with a frequency of 20 kilohertz or higher.
  3. Ultrasonic definition is - having a frequency above the human ear's audibility limit of about 20, hertz —used of waves and vibrations. How to use ultrasonic in a sentence. Did You Know?
  4. This page describes some very unique items generally categorized as "ultrasound" The ultrasonic receiver is a device that can detect sound waves that are normally beyond the range of human hearing, and then translate this signal to audible frequencies. The ultrasonic generators are devices that create ultrasonic sound waves, which can be used in some novel ways such as a safety deterrent or.
  5. Ultrasonic Testing (UT) uses high frequency sound energy to conduct examinations and make measurements. Ultrasonic inspection can be used for flaw detection/evaluation, dimensional measurements, material characterization, and more. To illustrate the general inspection principle, a typical pulse/echo inspection configuration as illustrated below.
  6. Shop for ultrasonic solution at Bed Bath & Beyond. Buy top selling products like iSonic® Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution Concentrate CSGJ01 and Healing Solutions Inspire Ultrasonic .
  7. Jun 10,  · Ultrasonic devices are used to detect objects and measure distances. Ultrasound imaging or sonography is often used in medicine. In the nondestructive testing of products and structures, ultrasound is used to detect invisible flaws. Industrially, ultrasound is used for cleaning, mixing, and to accelerate chemical processes.
  8. Different types of sonotrodes and ultrasonic flow cell reactors allow for the adaption to specific process requirements. Summary. Whilst a ultrasonic bath provides a weak sonication with approx. W/L and a very non-uniform distribution, ultrasonic probe-type devices can .

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