1. December 02, MICROACOUSMATIC MUSIC • tube'| - Thanos Chrysakis - Errant Waves «Closer, and farther there is a constant spatial fluctuation on Thanos Chrysakis' Errant Waves: a 7-track release built by abstract crystalline/metallic sounding events, happening on different places around you, some of them near, some of them far, and is this distance shifting and amazing space usage.
  2. Thanos Chrysakis’ output consists of composition, performance, and installation. He was born in Athens in , residing in the UK since With several albums to his name his work has Title: Composer / Performer / Producer.
  3. Thanos Chrysakis is looking for music as a transformative experience. To Thanos Chrysakis, there can be no art without uncertainties, without risk, without commitment. Or, as he puts it himself in his official biography: "Something must be staked, something must be ventured".
  4. May 31,  · After Thanos was confronted by his son Thane, who had was empowered by the Phoenix Force and Death herself, he was cast to the ruins of the moon Titan. Thanos who was now powerless and little more than a mere mortal was forced to survive day to day among the rubble, scavenging for food among the rodents that now inhabit the city. After being put through the ringer, ill from eating .
  5. May 23,  · A Scar In The Air is a part of the “Inscapes Series”, namely music “based on the structural and aesthetic capacity of sonic matter”. Six tracks, all connected in a continuous flow, for a total of half a hour which shows the most ear-satisfying traits of this Greek composer’s artistic vision, occupying a well definite place between the (often exaggerate) seriousness of cultivated.
  6. Thanos: Redemption is a comic worth reading if you're a fan of the character. The first half of the comic tells the story of Thanos wanting.. well.. redemption! Meet back up with Adam Warlock, Galactus, and many more! However, the second half seems to tell a different story.. It's very hard to write a review on it because it was so forgettable.
  7. The atomic bent of the gestural language, the mix of synthetic with naturalistic sounds, and the emphasis on higher spectra invites comparison to Iannis Xenakis’ work La Legende D’Eer—but that doesn’t mean that Chrysakis’ music is particularly terckoveaworkbuslapekamarimtamat.xyzinfod, this album can be more accurately regarded as another extension of the lineage of grain-oriented composition trailblazed.
  8. Jan 05,  · Hello! The file doesn't work or maybe damage, I tried download the file many times, still the file don't want to open. Please update the file. Thanks in advance.

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