1. Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient (English Patched) PC Download for PC/Windows. Game description, information and PC download page.
  2. Corpse Husband. 15K likes. I narrate scary stories on YouTube, and you get scared. Official Facebook Page for Corpse Husband and lover of Corpse Husband fans.
  3. The Extra Chapters, simply known by their number, are a series of short bonus chapters in Corpse Party. These mini-chapters delve deeper into the backstories and different relationships between minor characters. It also expands on the stories of the students from Byakudan Senior High School and Musashigawa Girls' School, most of which are only referenced to by various name tags found in the.
  4. divorce corpse album release announcement views 4 years ago While assembling our new album packaging we unraveled a commercial to tell you more information about the album's release.
  5. [Boys' Bathroom] Pick up the item, but do not examine any stalls. Try to leave, but return to the stalls when the blue light appears. Speak to the ghost, then leave. Return and say "Sure thing!" [Girls' Bathroom] Examine the far left stall, then follow instructions from each stall to get superstar glasses. Offer them to the ghost before moving on.
  6. So I was in Chapter 3, at the part where Yuka runs into Morishige and he starts chasing you. The first time, I went all around the school looking for what to do and just couldn't figure it out. Then she decided to duck into the bathroom, and I got killed by a ghost. BAD END.
  7. Leave the bathroom and try to head back to the stairs. After Seiko heads back to the bathroom, try to enter the stairwell. You will be stopped by a short scene. Go through the doorway afterwards and try to head down the stairs. Naomi won't let you leave. Go back up and head into the girls bathroom.

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