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  2. Then, b ack on the road for the final leg to Shepparton, arriving around pm. Thanks to all who attended. The convoy procedure was well executed. We had some fun and saw some interesting sights. Special thanks to Chris, Doug and Ina for their filming efforts. The Trip can be seen on VIC MOKE the MOA YouTube channel.
  3. First off ACK is first class when it comes to the quick shipping of the products you order. The Moken 14 is a super stable kayak. It gives up a little speed for the stability but I was ok with that. The Slide track system gives me endless options on my rigging. A very well thought out design with the angler in mind. Couldn't be happier with my.
  4. Moke International has also announced plans to go green with an electric version. The E-Moke will have a top speed of 60 km/h ( mph) and a range of up to kilometers ( miles) on a full.
  5. ACG Inc., the recognized leader in affordable Custom Electric Vehicles, is pleased to introduce the all-new MOKE ™. Available as LSV/NEV with a top speed of 25 miles per hour, the MOKE ™ is the perfect Electric Vehicle to get you where you need to be. The MOKE ™ was built with purpose and reliability in mind. Unmatched Engineering.
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  7. Today the Moke is a 20th-century collectible car reinvented with 21st-century green-friendly electric power. It’s versatile, carbon-free, and efficient while also having ample legroom, expanded trunk space, and a kickin’ sound system. Through many iterations throughout the years, Moke has perfected its craft by creating the perfect blend of.
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